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Tonn with Nelly and Nora pink tee

Tonn are delighted to team up with the popular Irish made cartoon  "Nelly and Nora" with two organic cotton designs that show the sisters at their best.

In a beautiful camping park, overlooking the glistening blue sea and nestled between the green fields of a lush farm, two young sisters spend their holidays and weekend with their Mum and Dad at the family’s mobile home. Those two sisters are Nelly and Nora.

Nelly and Nora love the freedom of the camping park, where they get to spend most of their time outdoors having exciting adventures and making a lifetime of memories! 

Spending so much time outdoors means the weather plays a major part in the girls’ daily fun – windy days can be chaotic, rainy days make raindrop music, while sunny days can be just too hot.

Through their positive perspectives, and their exciting adventures, Nelly and Nora discover that the weather outside is something to be embraced and enjoyed!

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